The Power of Numbers


“It's always been hard to think of different math activities, so this curriculum gave us more ideas and resources!”

Early Educator

Early math experiences help build a strong foundation that prepares children for school. This is why we introduced Problem Solvers, a free early math curriculum that provides play-based activities, suggested children’s books and parent resources for young children. Problem Solvers has been lauded by early educators for its ease of implementation and the joy and learning it brings to babies!

In the toddler room, Kyra, 28 months, notices her friend at the snack table has two crackers while she has one. She points to her friend’s crackers with a questioning look on her face. In the nursery, Ben, 11 months, crawls over to the wooden barn and tries to fit his body inside, while Ashanti, 12 months, fills a bucket with plastic blocks, then dumps them out.

Many adults don’t think it’s possible that infants and toddlers can do math. Yet, the examples above show how young children learn to develop and display their understanding of math concepts like calculations, measurement and spatial relationships as they explore the world around them.